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Raise your Self-Worth while increasing your Net Worth

Online Money and Mindset Coaching with Niki Ferguson

Meet Niki

Money & Mindset Mentor

Hi! I'm Niki. I used to be super-anxious and insecure. Oh, and broke! All of that changed when I started taking control of my life and finding out that I do, in fact, have the power to make a change.


I've made it my mission in life to help other women design and, actually, live a life that they love. I do that by teaching you how to find your money and put it to use for your top priorities. We will also work on money and self-worth mindset as both of those can hold you back when working towards your goals.

You know how most lottery winners end up broke? Well, that happens because they are not, yet, in the mindset to receive and accept that money as if they are deserving of it.​ When your get your mind and your money right, that is when the magic happens. I can't wait to help you get started on your journey!

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Working with Niki to help me with my finances was way easier than I thought. I was actually scared to have an honest conversation about them. Her kind and caring, yet, direct approach was exactly what I needed. She helped me identify and prioritize what I wanted to spend on and what I wanted to save with. She educated me about loans and how to pay what off and in what order. It was super eye-opening. I'm actually looking forward to our next meeting.

- Amber M.

Working with Niki is amazing. She brought structure in my budget by sorting my multiple streams of income, scheduled my upcoming business expenses, and helped me plan my budget for the upcoming months. I never hired a money coach before, but having someone who has an eye on your budget, is worth every penny because at the end you save up so many unnecessary expenses.

- Catie Leta

Working with Niki was amazing. She is authentic and very knowledgeable. She is very open to sharing ideas and providing feedback for your projects and being a listening ear for any other situations you may be working through in your life. It was truly a blessing to have the opportunity to get to know Niki better. Thank you for you the work you do, how real you are when you do it and the passion you bring.

- Brittany King-Pleas

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