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Let's get you there.


Hi! I'm Niki

And trust me, I’ve been right where you are.


In fact, this was me just a couple years ago. Before I transitioned into financial coaching, I was a first-grade teacher at a public school here in Tennessee. I chose teaching because I wanted to help kids see all of the possibilities for their lives. However, the bureaucracy, the lack of freedom (I’m sorry, only three vacation days per year? No thanks!), and the long hours took their toll quickly. 


I wanted my students to grow; instead, I was shrinking.


Already exhausted, I was then thrown into teaching during a global pandemic. This involved extra hours, safety protocols, and duties far outside the job description (anyone else?!) I felt frustrated, feeling like I knew what was best for my students, but wasn’t empowered or supported in the work. I felt trapped, sick, and overwhelmed.


I knew I had to get out, so I started to get my financial ducks in a row. I paid off my debt, built up my Freedom Fund, set a quitting date, and took the plunge. 


As a result of leaving, I’ve gotten the mental space to focus on myself, my health, my work, and serving my incredible clients. It’s like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. From daily walks in nature, to more space for thinking and processing, not to mention the freedom to travel whenever I want, I haven’t looked back since.


Don’t get me wrong, it was a HARD road. But now that I’m on the other side, I’m so grateful to be here—and so excited to help others do the same.


The Wildly Worthy VIP Day

A Retreat For Your Money
and Your Mind

You know about me, now, let’s talk about you. Chances are, you’ve got a full-time job or business that is paying the bills but is leaving you exhausted and unfulfilled. At the same time, you might know what’s next… but you’re just not sure how to get there.


You might also be feeling trapped and overwhelmed, just like I was.


What if I told you it doesn’t have to feel that way, though? What if there were a way out?


In my new all-day, in-person intensive, I work with online business owners who are excited to take their awesome entrepreneurial dreams and make a plan to bring them to life. Not for fun, not as something to do on the weekends, but as a day-in-day-out, profitable business that fully supports your needs and then some.


Through a powerful combination of money mindset and financial strategies, we’ll spend a full day together to get clear on what you want for your life and your business. We’ll dig into your expenses, plan out your own Freedom Fund, and set a timeline for your launch date and next steps. We’ll also focus on finding ways to infuse joy into your current life—so that you can start to enjoy the journey to entrepreneurship, long before you’ve given your two weeks’ notice.


I struggled through this journey alone, but you don’t have to, you know?

Ok, I'm interested. How does this work?

1 / Complete Your Application

Any of the buttons on this page will take you to the application or click HERE. There you will:

  • Choose your location

  • Choose 2-3 date options

  • Tell me a little about your life and business

I'll get back to you within a week to set up our first call!

2 / Intro Call

Before we meet, we’ll have a 60-minute intake call so that you can tell me more about your business ideas, pain points, and current progress toward your goals.

From there, we’ll set a date and choose a location for our day of magic, then I’ll send you some prep work to complete before the session, to help you to make the most of our time together

3 / Day of

On the day of the event, we’ll work through 8 hours of customized coaching programming (plus some fun!), capped off with a celebration dinner (let’s toast to you!)

4 / After

To keep you accountable, we’ll also schedule a 60-minute debrief after the main event, to make sure you’re keeping it pushing towards your goals.

Location & Investment

Pricing includes meals, snacks, treats, and activities

(Does not include participant travel expenses and lodging)

From Above

Johnson City, TN or  Asheville, NC


Come visit our hometown nestled in the Appalachian Mountains


Your Hometown or Any Major US/Canadian City


I'll come to you so that you can be close to home and save on travel

Beach Bar

3-Day Luxury Retreat for a fully-immersive experience


Is there somewhere you feel most inspired or have been dying to visit in North America? I'll plan and book our 3-day, 2-night adventure.

 (flight not included)

Beautiful Nature

"During our work together so many wonderful things happened for me - I booked a modeling gig with Bed Bath Beyond, I got my candles into a few stores, I gained clarity on beliefs I didn't even realize I had, I learned more about myself and my money habits, I received a clear plan on how to save for my wedding, I was able to buy a new computer, I bought my wedding band with cash, I got clear on how I spend my money, and my favorite part was the spreadsheet Niki and I created together that helps me really see how much money I have to work with each month. Working with Niki was literally LIFE CHANGING!!

I honestly feel like I can breathe so much easier now and I feel like I have made a few mindset shifts that have helped me attract more abundance/money into my life. I love how confident I now feel when it comes to my money.


-Khrystle Rhea, NJ

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