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Can money buy happiness?

Well, yes and no.

Money can buy time, access, and things.

It is totally possible that you will be happier with more money... IF you design it that way.

Most people use money to buy things without a second thought. They want it, they have the money for it, they buy it. Simple enough, right?

Well, while you can do that, it becomes so easy to get caught in what is called the "lifestyle creep." When you start making more money, you start spending more money. You get a new house, a new car, and new clothes until you find yourself back where you started with not enough to cover the bare necessities and no happier than you were before.

What's cool is that you have all the power when it comes to your money.

Here are some steps I would take to make myself happier with my money:

Create a vision board or list of all the things I’m dreaming of so it stays top of mind.

You can use Canva or Pinterest to create a digital one or make a good old-fashioned posterboard. Whatever works for you, works for me.

Journal out how my ideal day looks, feels, sounds, and even smells. (Get all those senses in there.)

Is there ocean salt in the air? Do I hear firewood burning? What's the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning?

Start researching.

How much would this cost? How much can I contribute to this fund each month? What can I start doing now that is free or low-cost?

Be mindful of each purchase.

Do I really want/need this? Does it bring me lasting joy? Will it get me closer to my dream scenario?

Infuse joy into every day.

Twerk to some Lizzo, buy a new plant, take the scenic route to/from work, or whatever brings a smile to your face.

When extra money comes in from income tax returns, birthdays, new clients, bonuses, etc. put it towards your dream life fund.

Of course, you can treat yourself and not stock it all away. Decide before it comes what percentage you want to spend and what percentage you want to save. That way you have fewer decisions to make when the money hits your account.

Use a spreadsheet or doc to keep track of your progress.

Know that there is an end date in sight.

Know what that date is.

If you'd like a little help with this, it would be my dream to help make your dreams come true.

If you want a live, in-person experience, click HERE.

If you prefer virtual, click HERE.

If you wanna chat with me to figure out what's best for you, click HERE.

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