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Grow Your Confidence, Grow Your Income

Do you ever worry you're asking for too much or worried that you'll underdeliver when pricing yourself or negotiating a salary?

What is the real worry? Is it really about your work or is it about how you feel about yourself in relation to money? Do you feel like you are worthy? Do you feel like it's safe to be wealthy?

Someone paying you is an exchange of energy, no matter if it's a boss, client, or company. If you are feeling unsure if you can handle the task, they won't feel good about paying you.

Ways you can increase your income depending on your path:

  • Ask for a raise or start looking for a higher-paying job.

  • If you're a creator/influencer, check what others are being paid to make sure you are being fairly compensated.

  • Coaches don't be afraid to let people know you are taking clients. Tell people how they can work with you or they won't know!

Now, in order to do those things above you may need some help with your money mindset. Here are a few things you can use to get started

  • Practice self-care

  • Do what you say you're going to do - do it until it becomes your identity

  • Make a list of all the awesome things you've done, compliments you've received, write them down and take them in (Pull them out when you need a reminder.)

  • Put up affirmations where you'll see them and have them on repeat in your brain.

The LOVE YOUR MONEY is a 1:1 + community experience that will cover everything from getting your personal financial plan set up to flipping your mindset so you can receive all of the abundance coming your way.

🧠 You'll learn how your life and experiences have shaped your money life, why you make the decisions you do, and how to grow your capacity for receiving (and having) money.

Click the button below to apply and get more details!

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