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How to Stop Avoiding Your Finances & Start Enjoying Them

Updated: May 27, 2022

Does avoiding mean you're running away from money as you would try to hide from that guy who keeps asking to take you out?

Likely not.

But you might be:

  • not looking at your statements

  • putting off money tasks

  • overspending (either because you don't know better or you don't care)

  • late paying bills

  • not creating a plan for your money or not sticking to one you have made

  • avoiding talking about money with anyone

  • don't know how to pay off your debt

You do want money and lots of it, but you're pushing it away. By refusing to take care of the money you already have.

This may stem from feelings that come up around money - shame, anxiety, worry, and overwhelm.

If we've avoided our money long enough, it is a bit shocking to look at when we do finally sit down with it.

Then, your brain gets reinforcement on the idea that money is stressful so the cycle continues. But it doesn't have to. Here's what to do:

  • Make an appointment with your money. Put it on the calendar. I like to call them money dates.

  • When you have the date, set the stage. Make it an enjoyable experience. Get in your best vibes. Music, dance, bath, candles, meditate, tap, breathwork, walk, whatever makes you feel better.

  • Journal what your priorities and values are for now and the future.

  • Write out what you want to do today. Check your accounts, schedule your bill pay, pay your credit cards, make necessary transfers, etc. Don't forget to leave money for yourself!

  • When finished, celebrate yourself. You took a huge step today! Journal how you are feeling now vs. before. Practice some self-care. Eat some nourishing food, get outside, and take a bath.

  • Make it an enjoyable experience so that you want to keep doing it.

When you take care of your money, it will take care of you. Check out episode 105 on the podcast for more in-depth info!

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