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Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is here! The sun is shining! The birds are singing!

While you are spring cleaning your home, let's talk about spring cleaning your finances as well.

Choose a time to sit down and look at your current financial situation.

Look closely at your budget. Or if you don't have one, look at your spending statements (bank and credit cards)

  • What doesn't belong here anymore? What no longer brings you joy?

  • What do you just feel "meh" about?

  • What subscriptions or memberships need to be canceled?

  • Where are you spending that has just become a habit? It's more automatic than actually serving you.

Pring out your statements and highlight the different ways you feel about your spending

Use a different color for each

  1. Things that still bring you joy

  2. What you have to pay (bills, debt payments, etc.)

  3. Things you don't enjoy or can't even remember what they were for

Evaluate how much you have of each color. This gives you a good picture of where your money is actually going. A lot of times people don't realize where their money is going until they see the numbers right in front of them.

This can help you be more intentional about your spending and start funding a life you really want to be living.

Look around your house and find things that are no longer serving a purpose for you.

At one time you spent money on them. Just because you don't need them anymore doesn't mean that no one does. Sell these items or give them away. You'll clear up space in your home and in your brain.

Clean out your wallet and purse.

It's time to dig out those old gum wrappers and receipts.

Make space for more money to come in!

Take out anything that you don't really need to carry around with you all day every day.

You may just find some gift cards you forgot you had and some money you stuck somewhere when you were in a hurry. Hello, free money!

When you take care of your money, it takes care of you.

P. S. If you're looking for some help with your financial situation, this is my jam. You can email me at or book a free discovery call here.

To listen to the audio version, check out the podcast here.

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